Touring Broadway Shows Generate $957MM in Ticket Sales; West End Generates Similar Amount

  • There were approximately 45 Broadway touring shows traveling across the country

    • Producers and presenters spent $752.7 million to launch and run these tours ($581.3 million in presenting communities and $171.4 million in the New York City area)

    • Another $17 million was spent in other localities or internationally 

  • Moreover, theatregoers who came to an area specifically to attend shows spent another $674.8 million on ancillary activities such as dining and transportation

    • Thus the total direct spending due to Touring Broadway amounted to $1.43 billion

    • This money then generated another $1.79 billion in secondary rounds of spending, so that the full economic contribution of Touring Broadway totaled $3.2 billion

  • London’s West End theaters sold $14.5M tickets in 2013, with total revenue reaching about $1B

  • Annual Broadway/Touring Broadway/West End ticket sale revenues total about $3.2B

    • Our business plan assumes we achieve less than 5% of that total in gross VR revenues over 7 years, accessing the other 6.98B potential global theater viewers