"Hang With A Celebrity"

Broadway.tv has Produced over 1,000
celebrity interviews in-house over seven years

  1.  Take a celebrity that is doing something (to be discussed later in point 4)

  2. Put VR cameras with them for an afternoon

  3. Allow people to hang out with them.  Can be on-demand to start and go live once the technology allows it

  4. Examples:

    • Chilling with Justin Bieber and his bros for 1 hour at his Hollywood mansion by the pool ($2.99)

    • At the beach in Costa Rica with Chrissy Teigan ($2.99)

    • At the club with Drake+bros ($2.99)

    • Weightlifting session with the Houston Texans ($2.99)

    • Fashion week with Kendall Jenner ($2.99)

  5. Celebs are far bigger/better known than these shows

  6. No unions, etc

  7. Very simple production

  8. No competing with the main product (in fact, enhances it)

  9. low price points so can be an impulse purchase

  10. The numbers potentially epic