Broadway (NYC) Generated $1.37B in Ticket Sales During the 2014-2015 Season

  • In the 2013–2014 season, Broadway shows in New York City drew 13.1 million in attendances*

    • There was a record-breaking 8.52 million admissions by tourists in Broadway theaters, representing 70% of all tickets

    • Domestic tourists purchased approximately 49% of all Broadway tickets, and international tourists purchased 21% of all Broadway tickets

    • 41% percent of respondents subscribed to the “Broadway Series” at their local venues. On average, Touring Broadway attendees saw 4.5 shows per year

    • 62% percent of the audience said that some kind of incentive would encourage them to attend the theater more frequently, such as discounts or special perks

    • 38% percent of respondents said that different performance times would encourage more frequent attendance

  • Research suggests that VR ticketing will be embraced by Broadway audiences!

*Statistical data sourced by The Broadway League