The Phantom Of The Opera



Currently, the longest running musical on Broadway, The Phantom Of The Opera is a haunting Broadway love story set against the romantic backdrop of the Paris Opera House. The Broadway musical is based on the novel by Gaston Leroux and is considered a masterwork by Broadway master mind Andrew Lloyd Webber. The Phantom Of The Opera tells the story of a young singer who is pursued by a musical genius with a hideous deformity. Featuring extravagant settings, an evocative score, spectacular stage effects, and a well-shaped dramatic story, the Broadway production of The Phantom of The Opera stands as one of the most consistently rewarding musicals of all-time.


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Now established as the longest running show in Broadway history, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom Of the Opera is a musical that appeals to those looking to Broadway for an escape. It does not disappoint. A Romantic musical in the fullest sense, what distinguishes this production is its sweep and spectacle. The plot of the musical comes from the 1910 Gothic novel by Gaston Leroux, inspired by the real life 19th Century opera star Christine Nilsson. The book retains the story of the novel about a horribly deformed musical genius who falls in love with a beautiful young opera singer. It is a story that has had a lasting appeal with audiences ever since it was first published.

With a style fitting its 19th Century Paris Opera House setting, the musical embraces the literal spectacle that can only be found on Broadway. Eye-catching period costumes, elaborate stage effects that include the famous crashing chandelier, unrequited love and a disfigured Phantom make for an evening of pure escape. To the uninitiated, Phantom Of the Opera offers a full dose of Broadway musical magic.

Musically, Webber successfully evokes a haunting Gothic tone that is unapologetically dreamy and ostentatious. Familiar numbers include “The Music Of The Night,” but it is the total impact of song, story, character, and staging that explain the ongoing appeal of this musical and its ability to survive in a competitive Broadway environment. The whole of Phantom and this production touches a romantic strain, and represents theatre as escape. All that artifice and magnificence touches a very real place in the audience. It may not be every critic’s cup of tea, but for those who long to drink deep from a bejeweled chalice and taste the wine of passion and love, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom Of the Opera is a tremendous success.

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