New Bad Girl For Chicago

new_bad_girl_for_chicagoMy oh Mýa! Few artists can lay claim to having starred in the hit film version of the musical long before starring in the Broadway version itself. While screen stars Renee Zellwiger and Catherine Zeta-Jones wowed audiences in the film version of Chicago, there seemed to be little expectation that they would ever inhabit those roles on a Broadway stage for a Broadway run. Well, one veteran performer from the award-winning film is about to dance her way into the new musical, and she already has audiences buzzing.

Broadway is bracing itself for a possible heat-wave whirlwind this summer when Grammy winner Mýa makes her Broadway debut in the role of murdering minx Velma Kelly. The Grammy winning artist has racked up some impressive accomplishments with hits like “Ghetto Superstar” and the popular award-winning “Lady Marmalade,” featured in the film Moulin Rouge. With singing, dancing, and acting skills, she could prove to be a real triple-threat in action.

Having appeared in the film version of Chicago in the role of Mona, she now is set to take a starring role in the long-running Broadway production. “It’s not often that one encounters a performer with the level of accomplishment that Mýa brings to the table,” confides thrilled Chicago producer Barry Weissler. “She has an incredible sense of drive, intensity and showmanship that I’m confident will make her portrayal of Velma Kelly unlike anything we’ve ever seen.” In a production that takes an ironic look at our celebrity driven culture, Chicago has seen a parade of celebrity guest-stars, both talented and less-talented. Stars in the show run the gamut from Ute Lemper to Usher, with the occasional George Hamilton appearance thrown in. With the enchanting Mya as Velma, it seems likely that the temperature will be high this summer at the Ambassador Theatre, and the production will continue it’s record-breaking run. Mýa’s limited engagement begins May 12.

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